About Ehelp

A Platform, but Much More

Ehelp is devoted to providing internationally IP protection for every artist with the technology of NFT (non-fungible token). 

We are also building a transparent channel of communication for all our artists and collectors and an art community which is governed through the offering of our crypto currency, Ehelp token. 

Convenient Channel

We provide the most fast and convenient NFT certification channel.

Brand-new Collection

We provide the latest NFT digital collections from all over the world.

Transparent Transaction

All artworks' source and transactions can be traced.

Comfortable Community

We provide a fair, free and comfortable community for artists and collectors.

Join us and help promote international digital art.

Our Team

Meet the best

Tye Liu


Co-founder and CEO of Ehelp Company (USA). Mr. Liu also works as a leading producer, director, and screenwriter in Los Angeles.


Mingquan zhang


Chief legal officer, Mingquan Zhang provides strategic and practical counseling to companies and individuals in the blockchain ecosystem, ranging from early stage developers of digital securities and commodities to mature blockchain business.


Paul Niu


Chief Financial Officer of Ehelp Company ,(USA).
President of the Chinese american CPA association


Peter Feng


Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Ehelp Company , was graduated from UC Riverside with Master's degree in computer science, is the executive in charge of Ehelp technological needs as well as its research, propaganda and development


Joe Wu:


Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Ehelp Company (USA) and Principal Operating Officer of Easyfind Group (North America).


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