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Ehelp Token($EHT)Distribution

Ehelp token is a presented as the ownership of Ehelp NFT community. It is a security token based on Ethereum (ETH). Just like owning a stock, you may profit from it by trading it or have partial voting right   for the decisions of the Ehelp community.

Total number EHT we are going to issue is 100,000,000.

Distribution plan is as follows: 40% for community treasury, 20% for the Ehelp community, 30% for STO investors and 10% for Ehelp team members.

$EHT airdrop aims to reward productive artists, and active brokers. 

$EHT is distributed every year in the Annual EHT bonus, which aims to award everyone that contributes to the community and Ehelp platform. 

The share of EHT the user will get is based on the HCP earned by this user compared to the total HCP earned, i.e. Your HCP/Total HCP. For example, if one has 100 HCP and the total HCP earned this year is 100,000, and we are deciding to distribute 5000 EHT, this user have the right to all his HCP to EHT and he/she will have 100/100,000 * 5000 EHT which is 5 EHT.

Help Contribution Points (HCP)

HCP is a representative of the contribution those entities mentioned above make to the whole community. It can be used as coupon to our paid services or be traded to $EHT. However ,it cannot be randomly transferred, sold or purchased. 

Brokers, artists, consumers or even Ehelp platform itself will earn HCP based on the amount of USD he spent/made in the process of an artwork being sold, as well as the role one plays in this sale. 

Artists: 1 dollar earned equals 1 HCP earned.  

Brokers: 1 dollar earned equals 0.8 HCP earned.  

Buyers: 1 dollar earned equals 0.2 HCP earned

HCP is a record of your contribution to Ehelp community. $EHT is a security token representing the ownership of the community with a market price. HCP can be traded for $EHT every year at $EHT Bonus.

For Collaborators and Investors

For Artists and Creators

Contact Ehelp and sign an NFT management agreement; Ehelp will serve you and manage your NFTs. The NFT management agreement can last around 1-10 years. 

Yes, you can! We have comprehensive solutions and services for you to transfer a physical art or even an idea to an NFT. In Ehelp, every art will realize its value.

Ehelp is your solid bridge between metaverse and reality. We provide reliant management and publicity for your NFTs, including scanning, curation, promotion and other customized services. 

Ehelp design philosophy is diversity, it places an emphasis on fashion and culture. Thus, we also provide comprehensive value-added solutions to your unique IP. We help design physical products, experiences and deliver them to target customers. 

For more information, please visit our Service page.

About NFT and Legal Issues

Nonfungible Token (NFT) is the new format of digital asset and the prove of ownership based on the Ethereum(ETH). Unlike Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency, every NFT is unique and indivisible, meaning every product minted on NFT is unique and unchangeable. Once someone purchases the NFT, the ownership will be changed through smart contract and will be shown on blockchain. For artists and fans, NFT provides a rather safer, simpler and more convenient way of transferring ownership compared to traditional way.

Through NFT, we can curate any artworks anywhere in the world with proper authorization, without warehousing, shipping and insurance cost. Yet the audience will have the most immersive experience with all the VR/AR technology in metaverse.

A digital asset is anything valuable that exists in a digital format with a clear ownership. For example, a digital copy of your photography that has objective or subjective value.

Digitalization involves the process of turning a physical item into a digital item. With NFT technology, we can ensure that the digital item belongs to the owner without being easily pirated or copied for business use. Types of digitalization assets include the transformation of light assets such as photography, logos, animations, presentations, paintings, documents, electronic mails, websites, house decoration plan or fixed assets like real estate, vehicles, etc.

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